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Tannan s Banking Law And Practice In India (Paperback)

Author: ML Tannan
Publisher: Lexis-Nexis India
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Description of Tannan s Banking Law And Practice In India

TANNAN???S BANKING LAW AND PRACTICE IN INDIA??? ??is a classic legal Treatise and most comprehensive, authentic, authoritative, widely acclaimed,appreciated, recognised and recommended masterwork on the Banking Law and Practice in India since decades, to be precise since 84 years of thefirst edition of this most prestigious book in 1926.

TANNAN???S BANKING?? is undoubtedly one of the best in the Banking Law field. Every edition of this book has sold like proverbial hot cakes, pointingclearly to its scholastic wealth on the subject, its deft handling by the authors its usefulness, utility and eventually the popularity of the book in the field.

TANNAN???S BANKING?? in its every edition is eagerly awaited and widely welcomed by the people in the Banking Law field. Present edition is nowreleased with the pride and glory of the previous editions. It is a unique and authentic publication of its kind, authored by a renowned personality, having tremendous knowledge and authority over the subject. New edition is completely revised and updated. The present Revised and Enlarged edition contains 76 Chapterters covering entire spectrum of Banking Law and Practice. It contains most upto-date Statute Laws, Case Laws and RBI Master Circulars, Guidelines and Directions and other related matters annotated under appropriate discussions.

TANNAN???S BANKING?? has always been prescribed and recommended by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF), Promotion Tests, Internal andother Exams and is cited and quoted by Hon???ble Supreme Court, High Courts and Tribunals in various judgments.

This most authoritative Treatise is an indispensable guide and reference work for the Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs), Legal Officers, BankingExperts, Branch Managers, Bankers for Promotion Tests, Internal exams, exams conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBS), other Universities and Management Institutes, Staff Training Colleges, Law Colleges, Commerce Colleges, Professors of Banking, Academicians, Chartered

Accountants, Practitioners, Advocates, Lawyers, Hon???ble Courts, Judges, Bench and the Bar.

About The Author:

M. L. TANNAN, M.Com.(Brimingham), Barrister-at-Law, A.C.A., I.E.S. (Retired), General Manager, Punjab National Bank Ltd. (1937-1939), Founder Member, Council of the Indian Institute of Bankers, Bombay (Formerly Principal and Professor of Banking, Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Bombay)

23rd Edition 2010 Thoroughly Revised, Enlarged & Updated by C.R. DATTA, M. Com., LL.B., (Cal.), A.T.I.I. (Eng), D.I.A. (London), Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn, Ex Senior Lecturer, Calcutta University Law College, Author of 'The Company Law', 'Company Directors', and 'Company Meetings & Resolutions'. S.K. KATARIA, B.Com., LL.B., F.C.A., Chartered Accountant, Author of Law Relating to Banking and Public Financial Institutions in India, Revising Co-Author of 'Datta on the Company Law' and Specialist Editor of many prestigious and authoritative Commentaries, Law Books and Journals.

Table of Contents
  • Title Page Iii
  • Preface To The Twenty-Third Edition V
  • Foreword To The Fourth Edition Xi
  • Preface To The Twenty-First Edition Xiii
  • Preface To The Eighteenth Xv
  • Preface To The Thirteenth Edition Xvi
  • Preface To The Eleventh Edition Xvii
  • Preface To The Tenth Edition Xviii
  • Preface To The Ninth Edition Xix
  • Preface To The First Edition Xx
  • Arrangement Of Subject Xxvii
  • Table Of Cases lxv
  • Abbreviations cxlix
  • Events In The Banking History clxvii
  • Chapter 1 Introductory 1
  • Chapter 2 The Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Chapter 3 The Bankers??? Books Evidence Act
  • Chapter 4 Functions Of Commercial Banks
  • Chapter 5 Banking System And Banks In India
  • Chapter 6 Financial Institutions In India
  • Chapter 7 Global Banking Institutions
  • Chapter 8 The Banking Regulation Act Xxiv General Contents
  • Chapter 9 Co-Operative Banks And Banking Regulation Act
  • Chapter 10 Nationalisation Of Banks
  • Chapter 11 Reserve Bank Of India And Its Role
  • Chapter 12 Rbi???S Monetary And Credit Policy
  • Chapter 13 Cash Reserve Ratio (Crr) And Statutory Liquidity Ratio (Slr) In Banks
  • Chapter 14 Banking Organisations And Banks
  • Chapter 15 Private Banks And Foreign Banks
  • Chapter 16 Directors And Managers Of Banks
  • Chapter 17 Accounts And Balance Sheet Of Banks
  • Chapter 18 Basel Ii, Crar And Rbi Prudential Norms On New Capital Adequacy Framework (Ncaf)
  • Chapter 19 Prudential Norms On Income Recognition, Asset Classification/Npas And Provisioning Pertaining To Advances
  • Chapter 20 Bank Audit And Inspection
  • Chapter 21 Banker And Customer
  • Chapter 22 Bankers As Borrowers, Deposits And Opening Of Cust-Omers Accounts
  • Chapter 23 Customer Service In Banks
  • Chapter 24 Banking Operations & Negotiable Instruments
  • Chapter 25 Cheques
  • Chapter 26 Payment Of Customer???S Cheques
  • Chapter 27 Dishonour Of Cheques
  • Chapter 28 Appropriation Of Payments And Rule In Clayton???S Case
  • Chapter 29 Banker???S Lien And Set-Off
  • Chapter 30 Interference By Third Parties???Injunctions, Garnishee Or Attachment Orders & Decrees
  • Chapter 31 Collecting Banker And Customer???S Account
  • Chapter 32 Employment Of Funds And Advances
  • Chapter 33 Recall Or Recovery Of Advances, Suit For Recovery And Law Of Limitation
  • General Contents Xxv Chapter 34 Loans And Advances???Statutory And Other Restrictions
  • Chapter 35 Interest Rates On Advances
  • Chapter 36 Payment Of Principal And Interest
  • Chapter 37 Companies And Corporate Borrowers & Consortium Advances By Banks
  • Chapter 38 Bank And Partnership Accounts
  • Chapter 39 Advances Or Lending To Priority Sectors And Social Banking
  • Chapter 40 Financial Inclusion & Lending To Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises (Msmes)
  • Chapter 41 Exposure Norms For Advances By Banks
  • Chapter 42 Advances Against Collateral Securities
  • Chapter 43 Advances Against Goods And Documents Of Title To Goods
  • Chapter 44 Miscellaneous Securities
  • Chapter 45 List Of Places Where Equitable Mortgage By Deposit Of Title Deeds Can Be Created
  • Chapter 46 Guarantees As Security For Banker???S Advances And Position Of Guarantor Or Surety
  • Chapter 47 Bank Guarantees And Letters Of Credit
  • Chapter 48 Financing Of Exports
  • Chapter 49 Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 And Fema Rules & Regulations
  • Chapter 50 Hire-Purchase, Lease Financing & Factoring Services By Banks
  • Chapter 51 Consumer Loans, Personal Loans And Credit Card Loans
  • Chapter 52 Wilful Defaulters Of Banks And Fis
  • Chapter 53 Banker And Borrower Relationship
  • Chapter 54 Documentation And Stamp-Duty
  • Chapter 55 Model Forms
  • Chapter 56 Subsidiary, Special And Para-Banking Services By Banks
  • Chapter 57 Bcsbi & Iba Codes Of Bank???S Commitment To Customers And Banking Practices
  • Xxvi General Contents Chapter 58 Operational Responsibilities And Negligence
  • Chapter 59 Frauds, Forgeries, Embezzlement And Vigilance In Banks
  • Chapter 60 The Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006
  • Chapter 61 Banking Services And The Consumer Protection Act
  • Chapter 62 Recovery Of Debts Due To Banks
  • Chapter 63 Securitisation And Reconstruction Of Financial Assets ???The Sarfaesi Act
  • Chapter 64 Industrial Sickness & Sick Companies
  • Chapter 65 Bankers??? Advances To Insolvents
  • Chapter 66 Chore Committee And Tandon Committee Recommendations On Lending System
  • Chapter 67 Naik Committee Report On Adequacy Of Institutional Credit To Ssi Sector
  • Chapter 68 Khusro Committee Report On Review Of Agricultural Credit System In India
  • Chapter 69 Shetty Committee Report On Lending Under Consortium Arrangement
  • Chapter 70 Shere Committee Report On Electronic Funds Transfer & Electronic Payments
  • Chapter 71 Narasimham Committee (I & Ii) On Financial System And Banking Sector Reforms
  • Chapter 72 Marathe Committee Report On Licensing Of New Urban Co-Operative Banks (Ucbs)
  • Chapter 73 High Power (Madhava Rao) Committee On Urban Co-Operative Banks (Ucbs)
  • Chapter 74 Report Of Working Group (M
  • Chapter 75 Important & Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) On Banking Law And Practice
  • Chapter 76 Glossary Or Dictionary Of Banking Terminology, Words And Phrases
  • Subject Index

Product Details Of Tannan s Banking Law And Practice In India

Title: Tannan s Banking Law And Practice In India
Author: ML Tannan
ISBN: 8180386341
ISBN-13: 9788180386343
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Lexis-Nexis India
Number of Pages: 1500
Language English
Edition 23rd Edition
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